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Top Hats – Square Leg

Top Hat – Square Leg

Available Lengths 3600 / 6000
Customized Lengths Yes
Width (mm) 50-120
Depth/Height (mm) 15-60
Thickness (mm) BMT 0.75 & 1.15
Top Rib Yes / No
Flanges Ribs Yes / No


MACTEC Top hats use high-quality Australian raw materials to ensure a long service life, and there are two thicknesses of 0.75 and 1.15 mm for customers to choose.

MACTEC has max square leg Top Hats sizes range, can do the width from 50-120mm, and height from 15-60mm, also have top rib and flanges ribs options. These dimensions and functions can meet your needs for various functions and engineering environments.

MACTEC has the latest and excellent production equipment, which can produce high-quality Top hats sizes and shapes

MACTEC Top Hats can be used internally or externally and on vertical fascias and soffits. They are often used where there is a higher wind loading or where heavy duty sheeting is to be installed.

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