Downpipes are drainage pipes that direct rain water from the roof to the ground. This is where the rainwater is lead away from the building’s foundation so that no rainwater is able to pool around the building. Downpipes are most commonly seen attached to the corners of home or building. Without perfectly working downspouts, rainwater will fall off the roofs edge and may cause flooding and damage to the building. Rain water will pass through the cracks in the walls, windows and into the buildings foundation.

Common gutter shapes include arc right angle, square and arc. Gutters hang under the eaves to collect rainwater that slips from the roof, preventing it from falling directly to the ground. Usually, the gutters are formed by color steel, zinc-aluminum alloy plates, etc. through the Mactec gutter pressing machine. The Mactec eaves gutter pressing machine can accurately form the plates with a thickness of less than 0.6mm, and can be controlled by the operating system. The length of the finished product, with various corner accessories, perfectly matches various house types.

Common downpipes include square downpipes and round downpipes. Downpipes are generally installed along the side of the house to drain the rainwater collected by the gutters so that puddles do not form around the house. The Mactec downpipes forming machine can press and roll various sheets into the downpipes of the required shape, which is not easy to deform, has high yield and high production efficiency.