Account Edge NE locking out user

Today I had a user that could not log into their MYOB file which is hosted on the server using MYOB FileConnect, it just kept saying that they were already logged in.. They had already restarted their computer, but didn’t make any difference.

My first thought was to simply restart the FileConnect service using the MYOB control panel but that didn’t work, it just popped up a message saying it couldn’t stop because their was 1 user logged in (even though there wasn’t). Next move was to quit the FileConnect service using the Activity Monitor, this also didn’t work, not even force quitting.

I decided to have a look where the myob data files are stored, in  /Library/Application Support/AccountEdge NE/Databases

Noticed that there were several lock files (.flk) that I thought shouldn’t be there if no files were open, so deleted them all using the command sudo rm -rf *.flk

I could then successfully stop and restart the FileConnect service using the control panel. Everything was back to normal after this.

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Export vCards from Filemaker Pro

Here is an example file with a script to export a vCard from a record with related contact details (phone, email, addresses). It can handle custom labels for phone and email, but this feature only works with Apple Address Book.

It works as it is using Mac OS X, but requires a Filemaker plugin to export the text in the correct format for Windows. (45kb)

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Kyocera print driver on 10.6

There is a permissions problem with Kyocera printer drivers after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.. The following command will fix it..

sudo chown root:wheel /usr/libexec/cups/filter/kyofilter

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D-Link Gigabit Switch problem

I recently replaced a faulty D-Link 8 port Gigabit ethernet switch and was about to trash it, then I starting wondering what the actual problem was.. The switch was a DGS-1008D

The symptoms were: power LED on, complete bottom row of green LEDs flashing about once every second, and obviously it just didn’t work.

I assumed that, the power supply was OK (since the power LED was on) but after checking it out with an oscilloscope I realised that I was wrong.. There was a heap of ripple on the power supply line. If I bridged another 220uF capacitor in parallel with one of the existing ones in the power supply section it worked fine, it also worked with another power supply.

My conclusion is that the DC plug pack power supply which is transformer based (not switch mode), must have a filter capacitor that has died..

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Print Settings on older HP Laserjets

Today I needed to change the print density setting on an old HP Laserjet 2200.. I thought it should be an easy job, but it wasn’t..

From Mac OS X there is no GUI way to do this. No way of doing it from a browser either.

Ended up using telnet to send a PJL command to the printer via port 9100.

I used: telnet printer_ip 9100

then pressed esc, and entered: %-12345X@PJL DEFAULT DENSITY=5

I found this command here:

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Mac OS Volume UUID from Filemaker

This can be done using an Applescript to call the command line diskutil.

Here is the script I used:

Set Variable [ $DiskPath; Value:Let ( [
fullpath = Substitute ( Get ( FilePath ) ; "file:" ; "" );
delim = Position ( fullpath ; "/" ; 0 ; 2 );
path = Left ( fullpath ; delim )];
"'/Volumes" & path & "'"
) ]

Perform AppleScript [ Calculated AppleScript: "set cell \"DiskUUID\" of current record to do shell script \"diskutil info " & $DiskPath
& " | grep -h UUID:\"" ]

“DiskUUID” is the field name for the result..

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VPN not working after 10.6.5 update

Last night I updated a Mac OS X Server to 10.6.5, I was connected remotely via a PPTP VPN (running on the server), and could not reconnect after the update, it wouldn’t authenticate.. I drove in there this morning to check it out, the server was running fine, except the VPN. Looking through the logs didn’t tell me a great deal, but for some reason I thought I’d try turning off “Allow 40-bit encryption keys in addition to 128-bit”.. Bingo! It worked fine after this : )

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Applescript to check image size

I was recently asked to provide an easy way to check a photos printable size at a given resolution on Mac OS. Here is the applescript I came up with.. Simply drag an image file (jpg, tiff, png, psd etc..) on to the icon, and it will tell you the maximum printable size at 300 dpi.

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More AEG oven problems

Funny how you can miss something as simple as a clock.. Yesterday the LED clock on our AEG B3100 Competence oven stopped working, the display was totally dead.

After the previous problems we had with this oven, I decided to have a go at fixing it myself.

Once I had removed the clock module I had a look at the top circuit board.
As the thing was totally dead, my first suspicion was the power supply section, which is a very basic bridge rectifier and filter, all of which checked out ok including the 1000uF 10V capacitor. There was another smaller capacitor near the main filter cap, a 47uF 25V 105 deg C, and it looked a little bit discoloured. I replaced both capacitors with the closest values that I had, which was 1000uF 16V and 47uF 50V, both 105 deg C.

Plugged it all back in, and gave it the smoke test.. The clock was alive again!

Kind of makes sense that these caps (or at least one of them) was the cause, as this top section of the oven can get quite hot, especially when the cooling fan isn’t working.

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CDC Telephone Betting Terminal

I purchased these two Control Data telephone betting terminals in about 1985.  They had been used by QIT (now QUT) for some kind of computer science course.  Included with the two terminals was complete documentation including full circuit diagrams, and an S100 bus board with a Z80 card, memory board, and disk controller.

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