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Basic Navigation

The first level of navigation is the row of tabs at the top of the main window, each tab corresponds to a particular table or section of the database.

On the blue line below the tabs is a series of buttons that show different layouts or views for each tab.


Details –

This is where contact information for all types of contacts is stored.

There are three panels on the Contact details page:

Basic details – Name, company name, etc.. There is also a checklist for the type of contact.

Contact information-
This panel has five tabs


Press the + button to add a new phone number, you can add as many as you like.

You can use the description field to enter information such as an extension or a time to use this number.  One of the numbers can be marked as the “Main” number by clicking in the Main column.

The zoom button (magnifying glass) can be used to show a phone number in a separate window in rather large type.

The delete button (trash can) will prompt you to delete a phone number.



The email tab is very similar to the phone tab..

The send mail button (Arrow on the left of each entry) will create a new email in your default email program, addressed to the selected email address.

The checkbox to the right of each email address is used to select whether that address should be included in mailouts.