Corrupt Photoshop files in Mac OS X 10.5.3

I recently had a client that had problems with Photoshop files opened and saved on a shared volume (on an xServe via AFP) becoming corrupt.

After looking through the AFP server log file, the AFP server did deny access to the problem file a few times (showed up as -5006 error), and that two people had it open simultaneously.. This concerned me, so I started searching the web for answers..

I then found that Photoshop doesn’t lock files, so it is possible for two users to open a file at the same time.. This is obviously not good..

Adobe don’t support working on files hosted on a server, well at least not without using Version Cue.. Quote “Adobe does not support opening from or saving a file to a server, because of potential file corruption. Please see related documents for more information.”

Then I thought, why hasn’t this happened before? I asked the user if he had updated his computer to Mac OS X 10.5.3, and the answer was yes.. Did a bit more searching, and found there is a documented problem (on the Apple and Adobe forums), regarding the exact issue that he had experienced… There is no fix for this yet, other than not opening photoshop files directly form a server.

Apparently using “Save As” (instead of “Save”) is a workaround, otherwise just copy files back and forth..

The long term solution is to setup version cue.. Otherwise this problem, or similar, will most likely happen again…