Printing to Canon Copiers from Mac OS X

I recently had some “fun” setting up a Canon IR-C3200 and an IR-9070 Canon copier/printer. The IR-C3200 was attached to an ImagePass C1 RIP, and the IR-9070 was running from an ImagePass M3 postscript RIP.

After a bit of searching, I found these two discussions:

To simplify all this…

To get full functionality of the printer drivers, you can not use Appletalk, you must use Canon IP (PS) and select the IP address of the printer. Of course you need to have correct driver installed.

The printers that I was installing both had Postscript RIP’s (ImagePass C1 and ImagePass-M3), so I used IP Printing, chose HP JetDirect – Socket, entered the IP address with Queue blank and put in the printer description and location. It picked Generic Postscript Driver so I manually selected the correct ImagePass drivers (you can’t use the standard printer/copier drivers if you have a rip)..

The next problem was that my client wanted to use the Canon/Fiery Command Workstation software on the Mac OS machines.. Apparently their Canon tech’s told them they didn’t know if there was a Mac OS version.. I found it here.