MYOB AccountEdge Mac slow

MYOB can run VERY slow if it is running on a network with multiple users, here are some things to check if you are having problems with MYOB AccountEdge on a MAC OS X network. Some tips may help with MYOB running on a single machine as well.

If you need help or support running MYOB on an Apple Mac, and you are located near Brisbane Queensland, please contact us!

MYOB stores a lot of information in the company file. As more data is entered and the file size increases you can expect an incremental reduction in performance. This is especially true when displaying and searching long lists or creating detailed reports.

If you have a large number of customers, items or other records, consider completing the following procedures to maintain the company file in its optimal condition:

Verify your company file. This process checks the company file for internal issues that could potentially result in unexpected errors or system crashes. You should choose to verify your file when backing up the company file. You can also access this function from MYOB AccountEdge’s File menu.

Optimise your company file. It is recommended that you optimise the company file at least once a month to keep the company file running efficiently. You should also optimise the file after completing the Start a New Financial Year process or purging data. To optimise your file, access the function from MYOB AccountEdge’s File menu.

Start a new financial year. Completing the Start a New Financial Year process will purge prior-
year transaction detail that is no longer required, and will most likely reduce the company file’s
size. This process is accessed from MYOB’s File menu, but you should only complete the
process when asked to do so by your accountant.

Computer Hardware – This is a major factor.. When running MYOB over a network all machines need to be fast and have plenty of RAM, especially the server.

Network – A fast network (Gigabit Ethernet, with proper cabling) will make a huge difference. I would not recommend running MYOB over a wireless network.

Other Performance Tweaks

Do NOT check (activate) the following Preferences:

“Warn for duplicate cheque numbers”

“Warn for duplicate invoice numbers on recorded invoices”

“Warn for duplicate PO numbers on recorded bills”

“Automatically refresh lists when information changes”

Marking these preferences makes transaction processing longer. To access these go to the Setup, choose Preferences and click the various tabs.

Use Easy Fill (type the closest match)
Avoid displaying the list to retrieve records faster.

DON’T leave Journal or Inquiry Register windows open with long lists of data displayed
Most lists in Premier are automatically updated with the latest information. It will take longer to
perform functions if you need to redisplay more than one window.

Add accounts, add or change cards when you are the only one using the data file
Making changes to these records affects everyone entering transactions.

Run large reports when you are the only one using the data file. If the information is not changing while you are generating a report, you can retrieve the information more quickly.

Report by month instead of date range.
Some reports allow you to select a month or range of months to print. These reports will run faster by selecting the month than by entering a date range. This is because it will use the totals we store for the month instead of adding each transaction in the date range.

Use fewer linked accounts for inventory items
While more detailed account information is nice, you can get detailed item information using other methods. It will save time if the program does not need to create as many entries for each allocation on a transaction.

Combine line item quantities
Calculations for cost, account allocations and inventory count can be performed more quickly if one quantity is entered for each item.

Reduce edits to transactions
Changes to transactions take longer to record than the initial transaction. Transactions that are edited affect the order and search speed within the data file.