Account Edge NE locking out user

Today I had a user that could not log into their MYOB file which is hosted on the server using MYOB FileConnect, it just kept saying that they were already logged in.. They had already restarted their computer, but didn’t make any difference.

My first thought was to simply restart the FileConnect service using the MYOB control panel but that didn’t work, it just popped up a message saying it couldn’t stop because their was 1 user logged in (even though there wasn’t). Next move was to quit the FileConnect service using the Activity Monitor, this also didn’t work, not even force quitting.

I decided to have a look where the myob data files are stored, in  /Library/Application Support/AccountEdge NE/Databases

Noticed that there were several lock files (.flk) that I thought shouldn’t be there if no files were open, so deleted them all using the command¬†sudo rm -rf *.flk

I could then successfully stop and restart the FileConnect service using the control panel. Everything was back to normal after this.