More AEG oven problems

Funny how you can miss something as simple as a clock.. Yesterday the LED clock on our AEG B3100 Competence oven stopped working, the display was totally dead.

After the previous problems we had with this oven, I decided to have a go at fixing it myself.

Once I had removed the clock module I had a look at the top circuit board.
As the thing was totally dead, my first suspicion was the power supply section, which is a very basic bridge rectifier and filter, all of which checked out ok including the 1000uF 10V capacitor. There was another smaller capacitor near the main filter cap, a 47uF 25V 105 deg C, and it looked a little bit discoloured. I replaced both capacitors with the closest values that I had, which was 1000uF 16V and 47uF 50V, both 105 deg C.

Plugged it all back in, and gave it the smoke test.. The clock was alive again!

Kind of makes sense that these caps (or at least one of them) was the cause, as this top section of the oven can get quite hot, especially when the cooling fan isn’t working.