G5 water pump cover

After installing my new water pump connected to a rainwater tank, I started looking around for a suitable piece of sheet metal or aluminium to make a cover. I couldn’t find anything big enough around the house or in the neighbourhood, but kept looking at the spare Power Mac G5 case sitting in the garage.

The G5 had a dead logic board, and the power supply had been used to repair another G5. I had considered putting a PC motherboard and ATX power supply in it, but I really don’t need another PC.

I measured the G5 case and it was a perfect fit for the pump, it also had great ventilation, but I still couldn’t bring myself to cut it up. ¬†After another week of looking around I finally decided to hack the G5 case.

Only took about half an hour to strip and cut the three slots required to fit over the pipes. I mounted a short piece of sheetmetal angle to the concrete wall (bent up slightly) which the top lip of the case (where the cover used to go) hangs neatly on it. It’s mounted on a slight angle to allow the water to drain off the top.