Apple iMac G5 problems

Lately I have have had many calls from people with an Apple iMac G5 that won’t turn on. ¬†All the same symptoms, totally dead, won’t startup at all.

Out of the five I have looked at so far, they all had faulty power supplies, and four of them had faulty logic boards as well. This basically makes them uneconomical to repair.

After seeing the same problems a few times, I decided to take the power supplies apart and have a look. It came as no surprise that they all had visible signs of leaking electrolytic capacitors.

G5 Power Supply with faulty capacitors.

iMac G5 Power Supply with faulty capacitors.

It’s also no great surprise the most of these machines had faulty logic boards, as with a poorly regulated power supply (due to the dodgy capacitors) they probably don’t last long. There have also been many reports that the logic boards also have bad capacitors.

One customer with a faulty iMac G5 actually heard a loud “POP” just before her machine died, which was indeed a filter capacitor exploding. The rest died quietly.