AEG oven problem

Half way through cooking a leg of lamb, our AEG B3100 Competence oven decided to die.  It just shut itself down, no light or heating, just the clock was on.

The next morning we thought we’d see if the griller still worked, because at this stage I thought the main element was the problem.  After about 5 minutes with the griller on we heard a big POP and it shut down again.

Got an electrician to look at it a few days later, and they could not find any problem at all. They tested it and tried it out, no problems.. So we used it that night (this time just some big fat pork sausages that we could easily transfer to a pan to finish cooking), and sure enough, ten minutes later the oven shut down again.

I did notice this time that the control panel up the top got really hot, so figured that the cooling fan that normally blows hot air out above the door was not working.

A quick Google search for “AEG oven cooling fan”, and found this site.  They have a forum topic about this fault, and apparently it’s very common on most AEG ovens..

After discovering this, I turned the power off, pulled the oven out from the wall, and removed the top cover. This is what I found just behind the main control switch (it was actually cable tied to the wiring..

Burnt Part

Burnt Part (or what's left of it)

Wasn’t too hard to work out what the problem was, but ordering the part ended up being a bit of a challenge. Electrolux/AEG Australia don’t seem to be up to speed with AEG parts yet. I ended up just ordering the part number mentioned on that UK site, which turned out to be correct even though Electrolux call it a “Thermal Cut Out”.

I personally can’t see why you would call it a thermal cut-out, after all it switches a fan on when the top section of the oven reaches a certain temperature. There is a real thermal cut-out on the left hand side of the fan housing, this does actually cut out the entire oven when this area reaches a certain temperature (90 deg C I believe), which is the original symptom this oven had.

Anyway, this is what the new part looks like..


AEG part number 8996619267611

AEG part number 8996619267611

The only other things I needed to do this job was screwdriver, pair of pliers, and a couple of small cable ties. I simply replaced each wire one at a time, then used two cable ties to secure it in place. The result looked like this.


Finished Job

Finished Job

 Gave it a quick test to make sure the cooling fan was now working, it came on not long after switching the element on. You should be able to feel air coming out from the slot just above the oven door, whenever the oven is warm.

I am a qualified electrician, so I didn’t have any hesitation doing this job myself.  If you have any doubts, please call an electrician.  If you do decide to have a look yourself, make sure the power is off.